"Recovering People Pleaser" - Single
"Psychic" - Single
"Princesses Don't Cry" - Single
"To Anyone Like Me" - EP
"No More" - Single
"Princesses Don't Cry"
Nikita Gandhi Remix
"Princesses Don't Cry"
Dave Aude Remix
"Some of You" - Single
"Bad Boy" - Single


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Booking - CA
Mike Graham - APA
Booking - US
Victoria Gordon-APA
Booking - US
Joshua Rittenhouse - APA
Licensing & Sync
Avi Diamond - Warner Music Canada


SEP 18
Toronto, ON
Budweiser Stage


We live in the age of the viral pop star. Adecade ago, Justin Bieber’s YouTube-driven rise to fame was an anomaly; now, apps like TikTok all but advertise their ability to turn people from normal teenagers to viral sensations overnight. Even still, true global virality is arare and inexplicable phenomenon – but Toronto-born pop artist CARYS experienced it in full when an old track of hers, ‘Princesses Don’t Cry’, tookthe app by storm years after its initial release. Now, after working throughthe slings and arrows of sudden fame, her new music is rife with the assuredness and wit of a seasoned pop star.

‘Psychic’ is a power-pop anthem about unrequited love that sticks in your head like sour bubblegum. The infectious, alt-inflected track is a perfect representation of CARYS’ songwriting ethos: “I would describe the new music as all about making dark things fun,” she laughs, a wry smile palpable in her voice. “That's kind of been my motive going forward.” With a teen-movie vibe and a euphoric chorus bursting over glittering guitar lines, ‘Psychic’ hides serious emotional weight in a tongue-in-cheek package. “It’s like, ‘Oh, I must be psychic. I'm just seeing it first. You just don't see it yet.’ That fun jokiness of it is really representative of me as a person. But then, if you think about what's really going on, you can feel the sadness of wanting somebody that doesn't see in you what you see in them.”

Of course, not every teenager can relate to being a viral pop star, but the neuroses that have accompanied CARYS’ rise to fame are sure to strike a chord with anyone who’s experienced adolescence in the digital age. It takes great pop music to speak to something truly universal while being intimately personal as well, and only the best can write a blueprint for healing and evolution along the way.

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